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Library collection

It is a real library on wheels! both for the inside and for the outside USAGE.
THEY CLOSE with a simple click! It contains bottles, books and a lot of other objects!
Choose your favorite Barrel Library.

Vase collection

It is a real vase on wheels!
both for inside that outside USAGE.
A new home for your plants. CHOOSE your Vaso Barrel

Pouf collection

It is a comfortable pouf on wheels!
It is also a vessel for the inside and the outside USAGE.You can conserve inside it bottles, books and every other sort of things.
Choose your favorite barrel pouf.

Table collection

Barrel table with pocket and bread shelf, oil and vinegar holder. Easily Transportable. Contains porcelain stoneware rests.

Bar collection

It is a real bar on wheels! Use it as container both FOR inside and for outside. Close it with a simple click! Conserve your best drink collection in this Barrel bar. Choose your favorite barrel bar.

Sink collection

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